Hello Everyone,
Visit us in the Cafe,
Great music we will play,
It’s the last Monday in March, its now Spring,
No worries, I will not sing
But you we will entertain,
Here there is no rain  or snow
It does not matter where you live on the world map,
Let’s bridge the gap
Work together hand in hand,
Across the  land
From sea to shining Sea
Here on  ACB
In the  cafe, we’ll have most beverages and good things to munch,
It does not matter if its your breakfast,dinner or lunch
Come join us,my  friend,
Stay the  2 hours,till the end.
The show can be heard on ACB Radio Interactive at 02:00 Universal time on Tuesday, that’s Monday evening in the United States at 7:00 Pacific (and Arizona), 8:00 Mountain, 9:00 Central and 10:00 Eastern. Visit http://interactive.acbradio.org to listen.
See you tomorrow night,
Karen and Darrell in the Desert Cafe on ACB Radio Interactive