Apple confirmed Tuesday that its just-released Magic Trackpad is compatible with VoiceOver for blind users.

A second-level Apple technical support agent identifying himself as Michael said the new trackpad provides the same level of touch screen support found on the company’s multi-touch MacBook computers.

“The Magic Trackpad is really no different than the one found on our MacBooks,” Michael said. “If you’re running version 10.6.4 of Snow Leopard, VoiceOver will recognize that you now have multi-touch support and it will make all those gestures work for you.”

The new Magic Trackpad is a wireless device that connects to Apple’s iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook and Mac Pro computers over bluetooth. It sports an 8-inch surface area with a design that matches the company’s wireless keyboards.

The product is available for sale and ships within 24 hours according to Michael. Interested readers may visit the Apple Store for more information about the new Magic Trackpad.