In this approximately 32-minute eighth episode in the Aira in the Real World podcast series, Allison, Allyssa, Arabella and Darrell Hilliker work with Aira agent Connor to construct a paper airplane. While sighted people have enjoyed the privilege of learning from YouTube videos for many years now, we blind people have been largely locked out of this opportunity due to a lack of useful description. Thanks to Aira, we explore the creation of a paper airplane using instructions from an otherwise inaccessible YouTube video titled How To Fold A Paper Airplane That Flies Far.

In addition to the verbal descriptions heard in this podcast, Connor also supplied the following written instructions upon our request.

  1. Start with paper laying in landscape (hot dog style)
  2. Fold bottom to top and crease in the middle.
  3. Open paper back up.
  4. Fold top left corner down into the middle and crease.
  5. Repeat with bottom left corner.
  6. Uncrease from the center fold and crease it on the reverse side while keeping the corners creased.
  7. Fold only one flap so that the angle becomes more acute.
  8. Fold a 2nd time making it even more acute.
  9. Flip over and repeat steps 7 and 8 with the other flap.
  10. Throw it and enjoy!

We invite you to listen to our previous podcast, Exploring the World with Aira: A Candid Discussion with Suman Kanuganti, especially if you are learning about this new service for the first time.

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