I am working with Kurt, one of the software engineers over at Digg.com, on the implementation of their audio CAPTCHA. Unfortunately, there appear to be some scenarios where the audio is never played when the link is clicked. Please visit Digg’s registration page, click the link to listen to the CAPTCHA and send me an e-mail with your results. Please let me know whether or not you heard the audio, give some constructive feedback on the quality and provide the following technical information:

  • Browser and version number
  • Operating system
  • Screen reader

Digg’s audio CAPTCHA is almost complete. There are some minor problems right now, but I am now confident that they care about the issue and will work with us constructively to get the technical challenges ironed out, making the registration process work not only for the sighted, but also for those of us whom happen to be blind or visually impaired. We thank the folks at Digg for taking care of this serious access issue.