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Update: Accessible Version of CallBurner Now Released to the Public

July 9, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

As of Monday, July 9, 2007, the CallBurner team has released version of CallBurner to the public, incorporating the Screen Reader Compatibility functionality along with some minor bug fixes. We strongly encourage those of you who downloaded version to get the latest public release from the CallBurner web site at this time.

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6 opinions on “Update: Accessible Version of CallBurner Now Released to the Public

  1. With all do respect to the developers of this program, for the same price as Callburner, you could buy the professional version of Total Recorder which will record Skype calls with the voices in sepearate channels, and do tons of other things that Callburner will not — and it is 100% accessible out of the box. don’t get me wrong, I admire them for addressing accessibility issues so quickly, but the price of this program is pretty steep considering its narrow focus, especially since there are other programs that will perform its functions plus way more for the same price.

  2. I forgot to mention that when you buy Callburner, you only get free upgrades for twelve months, whereas total Recorder gives you free upgrades for life.

  3. Have you ever actually tried recording a Skype call using Total Recorder? Though that feature is definitely advertised, all three times I have attempted to do so have ended in disaster. In all cases, the caller’s voice was totally out of synch with the other parties in the conversation. I am a Total Recorder Pro 6 owner and I have gladly purchased CallBurner, as it does exactly what is advertised and does it well.

  4. Hi Darrell. while recording Skype calls is not something that I do very often, the two or three times that I used total Recorder worked just fine with the voices staying in sync.

  5. I use Replay AV 8.21 and its all I need when it comes to recording the internet streams. Stream Capture rules. Can Total Recorder do this. If it can that’s great. CallBurner is a superb Skype recorder. I tested it all day yesterday. Worth every penny in my opinion. Applian makes a simple to use Skype recorder but it nees to be more accessible. It’s called Freecorder. My sources tell me they will release an update or a new Freecorder version that will support Vista. Hopefully it will be improved. Issues were unable to enter on submit button after entering on product key. Some other minor issues which I hope they will fix. Glad to share this information to all.

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