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Visual Verification: Another Text Based CAPTCHA Example

September 1, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Bob, a participant on the grc.securitynow newsgroup, has devised another good example of a simple text based challenge response system that could permit a reasonable level of protection for many blogs and other web sites. Please check out his contact form and use it to provide feedback.

2 opinions on “Visual Verification: Another Text Based CAPTCHA Example

  1. Hi Darrell,

    I am happy to know that CAPTCHA’s are being heavily discussed even in security pages. However, that CAPTCHA has a great failure: the letters are always third, fourth and last, giving a pattern for programmers to work with. But the solution sounds great! Let’s check what will be done after those people got involved with the problem.

    Good luck for accessibility programmers, accessible site makers and ALL SITE USERS!
    André Baldo

  2. Hi Darrell. Just curious about something. I’m wondering if there’d be a way for website developers who do make use of CAPTCHA to have different things for everyone who visits their respective sites. For example when one person visits one of these sites, he or she would have to solve some sort of text-based CAPTCHA while another person would have a different sort of CAPTCHA on the same site. Perhaps that would work to eliminate all malicious activity.

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