We have received the following update from LiveJournal:

Some users are currently unable to see the instructions for the audio CAPTCHA option. This option still exists and can be used by typing the word “audio” in the CAPTCHA box (without quotation marks). We are currently investigating the issue that is preventing the instructions from displaying.

An answer to the original support request has also been provided, including a bit more detail:

Thank you for your report. Please be assured that it is in no way LiveJournal’s intention to keep blind people from using their journals or creating new journals. The audio CAPTCHA system is still there, but the text indicating it isn’t displayed in an accessible manner. You should still be able to access the audio captcha by typing the word “audio” (without the quotes) in the text box where you would otherwise type the CAPTCHA text.

LiveJournal developers have been alerted to the accessibility problem and will investigate it and correct it as soon as practical. For more information, you may want to watch the lj_releases community, as corrections of known problems are announced there when they become available.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

The continued operation of the audio CAPTCHA has been confirmed. We are glad to hear that this accomodation does, in fact, still exist and are anticipating the restoration of the instructions covering its use. We thank the LiveJournal folks for their prompt attention to this important matter.